March 2017 Belladonna Issue Now Available!

Belladonna-Horror-Mag-March2017Do I hear a shriek of pleasurable fear? I do indeed! The new issue of Belladonna must be out!

Available for purchase hereBelladonna‘s tenth issue is again bursting at the digital seams with delights. This time you will be treated to interviews with Elena Vladi of the heavy metal band Red Queen, indie auteur Michelle Nessk and The Devil’s Candy star Ethan Embry, a hearty endorsement of Netflix’s Dead Set, a look back at the fairy tales that creeped us out as kids, an overview of the hottest characters (both male and female) in video games, plus the usual reviews of horror films past and present.

My own contributions are an article on the Top 15 Horror Comic Heroines (YOU WON’T BELIEVE NUMBER 8! Mainly because she’s got a knob) and reviews of Bizenghast and Blood Queen. Fun for all ages!

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