How I Spent January 2017

janusSpeaking strictly in terms of my personal life, January 2017 was a considerable improvement over January 2016. That month was positively rotten to me and I still haven’t quite forgiven it. But this month?

Well, my creative projects have been coming along. It’s looking increasingly likely that my comic will be heading to the Kickstarter stage this year, which is something I can thank my lovely artists for. Them, and the group of wonderful friends who are interested in publishing it through their small press. I’m currently in talks, fingers crossed we can work something out…

Meanwhile, I’m also working my way through a stack of books on science fiction – from biographies to critical analyses – as research for a couple of nonfiction projects, including my new article series on Amazing Stories magazine.

(As for the international political situation circa January 2017, well, that’s something that has given me far, far less to feel optimistic about. But that would be a topic for another time…)

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