January 2017 Belladonna Issue Now Available!

belladonnajan17‘Tis that time of the month once again! The January issue of Belladonna is yours to Magzter and Magcloud, ringing in the new year with all the gruesome goodies that we of the Horror Honeys can offer.

The magazine features interviews with The Id star Amanda Wyss, Don’t Breathe writer Rodo Sayagues and Hurricane Bianca director Matt Kugelman. Slasher Honey Chass discusses this year’s upcoming releases, along with a list of things that she hopes not to see in horror films of 2017.

Between the Hurricane Bianca feature and LinnieSarah’s article on the cross-dressing antics of Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda, drag is a definite theme of this issue. So, too, are children: Katie has a feature on films about mad science children (The Unborn, Demon Seed et cetera), while Kim gives us a feature on child actors in horror and elsewhere champions Something Wicked This Way Comes as a film that won’t scare your own kids too much.

My contributions are a review of the manga release Holy Corpse Rising Volume 1 and an article on the online horrors of Rule 34.

All in all, I’d say we’ve given our readers another treat this month. Take a bite of some Belladonna!

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