So Long, 2016


Well, that’s 2016 over and done with. A lot has been written about this fateful year, and I have little of significance to add to the pile. But I do have a few things to say about how the year treated me personally.

For me, 2016 started on a very low note, but picked up as it went on. The highlights were clustered together towards the end, from joining the lovely Horror Honeys in September to getting the opportunity to help out on a local film shoot (albeit as a trainee) in December.

My two main personal projects – one a comic, the other a nonfiction book – have been taking shape, and I hope to have something to show for them soon in 2017.

In closing I would like to thank all of the friends – and you know who you are! – who helped to keep me afloat in a year that was far from ideal. I look forward to spending 2017 with them.

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