December 2016 Belladonna Issue Now Available!

2016-12-17-19-32-40We of the Ho-Ho-Horror Honeys (the rest of whom will probably flay me for typing that) know how to celebrate Christmastime with taste and decorum. So, the December issue of Belladonna, available now at Magcloud and Magzter, has the special theme of cannibalism!

Featured this month are such legendary devourors of human flesh as Hannibal Lecter, Alfred Packer, Sweeney Todd and Eli Roth. My own contribution to this sumptuous helping of longpig is an article about WildStorm’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre comics – which are, for my money, the best things to come out of the franchise since the original film.

Away from the cannibal theme, I also review Chris Koehler and Sam Sattin’s graphic novel Legend, while the rest of the team discuss their favourite Christmas-oriented horror films. What more could you ask for?


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