Resurrecting The Last Resurrection


The year is 2002. GeoCities websites are playing midi versions of anime themes. Sparkly gif-dolls in bell-bottom jeans are adorning Neopets pages. Teenagers are uploading their bishies to Elfwood. And Hinph Gaming is hard at work on a video game where the final boss is Jesus.

The topic for my latest WWAC article is The Last Resurrection, almost certainly the most sacrilegious Zelda clone to ever be released onto Windows. I also take a look at the game’s official novelisation (which is longer than To Kill a Mockingbird) and discuss the phenomenon of fluffbunny Wicca. It’s a long post, but I figured that – as likely the only person who will ever write an article about this obscurity – I may as well go all out.


Funny story: while I was working on the post, I had a dream that I changed the title to “Jesus Christ Supervillain”. Upon waking, I thought “hey, that’s actually a pretty good pun my subconscious mind came up with” and considered using it for the article. After my shower, I realised that the pun wasn’t really that good, and so left the title alone.

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