Joining the Horror Honeys

Horror Honeys

I’m happy to say that I recently joined the Horror Honeys, the team responsible for both the self-titled website and the horror magazine Belladonna.

I’ve actually had a bit of a transitional place on their team or a while now: there’s an article of mine in the August issue of Belladonna, although I’m officially listed as merely a Guest Honey. But that’ll change soon as I’m gearing up to become full-time Comics Honey. Amongst other things, that means that the Horror Honeys site will be the new host for Fumetti Nightmares, my series about Italian erotic-horror comics that was previously hosted at Women Write About Comics…


I’m mighty proud to be part of the team that’s doing such a fine job on Belladonna. I mean, look at all the stuff you get:



The features range from the light-hearted…



…to the more thoughtful.



I’ve already got a few ideas for features lined up, and I’m looking forward to writing them. In the meantime, Belladonna is the mag for all you right-on horror fans out there…

belladonna cover

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