KotakuInAction: where reading comprehension goes to die


You know, if you’re going to join a campaign for journalistic reform, then it would help if you were able to actually read a blog post before passing judgment. But alas, it appears that a good chunk of Gamergate fails to meet this rather low bar.

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2016 Hugo Reviews: Novelettes


My second article on the 2016 Hugo prose fiction finalists is up at Women Write About Comics.

Last time, I covered stories about cat photographs, biological warfare, killer starfish, gay dinosaurs and John Scalzi; this time around, the topics are spunky cyberpunks, spacefaring samurai, virtual reality, pop-up cities and ethics in murder journalism.

The above illustration, incidentally, is by Galen Dara and accompanies Brooke Bolander’s story “And You Shall Know Her By The Trail Of Dead”.